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11 May 2015 @ 08:46 pm
So we watched Avengers, and we got there early to play video games

We played this Pirate Cruise game... they have it at Chuck E Cheese here
it cost a dollar at the movies ><

OH well, it was fun. I gotta learn how to shoot better^^

Then we went and got popcorn and drinks^^
Then we got in line which the people sucked at!
The theater was on the right, and they made a line to the left side of the aisle.
Imma make a picture now...

j and i were like really? who makes a line like this?
but we couldn't move it so we sat down in line...
just saying like this line is stupid lol

then a guy working there came and was like please everyone line up over here
in the hallway next to avengers... we were like it should have been like this to begin with lol

then we got a bench which was enough for j cuz other people were on it
i sat on the floor next to the trash
i told j when the line moves get us seats i'll meet you in there
it'll take awhile to get up

so when i was going to get up
these guys behind me were like
do you need help
I was all like O.O *blush* that was what i was thinking anyways
i came off like "no, i'm okay, thank you" "go on ahead"
they already had their hands out and everything
i was so flustered lol
i was so much nicer in my mind..
i came off really weird... so sorry ><

i had to write this down lol
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26 March 2015 @ 04:02 pm
I'm excited for the Weekend

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25 February 2015 @ 04:07 pm
Ah the things I should be doing right now, but I'm not ><

I need to read a chapter, and watch 3 presentations for one class for this week.
I did finish the discussion post.
Then I need to write a paper for this class too

The other class... I have to study 8 chapters because I have a Midterm due by Sunday. Which I'll take on Sunday.
It's 50 questions with 3 hours. I should be okay... maybe
Turns out 3 questions were wrong so we get credit for them
so that's 47 questions^^ lucky... in a way

I'm thirsty... Imma get some water, but I want something else
Guess i'll get some juice too

I went to bed at midnight last night and got out of bed at noon lol

I need to set an alarm clock... I must have been tired
i stayed up studying, then woke up to study for the test
then i took the test and I was like really?
the questions seemed pretty easy
then i got to one that said something like

what STI testing is not recommended for pregnant women?
HPV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, and something else

that stumped me like crazy... so i guessed^^
I think i guessed on 5 questions... good luck me^^

there were also 4 short answer questions
didn't have too much time for them
i just wrote whatever i could think of because it said in your own words
so i just wrote how i would... it wasn't very college like
you can tell when you read this post how i write lol

ooh i was reading this manga, and some kid in it used a word that was way to big for him
esp. since he wasn't a smart kid
and then someone else used it

either the translator liked that word
or they really used it lol
either way it was a word barely used

hmm.... i have to study for my Midterm Exam ><

umm what else... i guess i could write more... but i'm not!

Ooh! ^_^
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27 January 2015 @ 06:54 pm
I'm cold


I'm hungry

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05 December 2014 @ 01:35 am
I have a paper due in less than 24hrs

I should be working on it

I technically have about 4 paragraphs left to write well not technically...

3 paragraphs, reference page, & proof reading

all due 2mrrw

my last paper

i don't want to do it

someone help me

what do i do?

i think imma *pause*
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30 October 2014 @ 03:05 pm
It's Halloween tomorrow, and I'm excited. I got my homework done that's due this week, so I don't have to do anything school related until I feel like it.

I just lied.

I have to pick my classes for next semester by Monday, so I have to see what classes I can take before then ><

Then I have to read a book, and write a paper on it.

Then I have to take a test due next Sunday... not this Sunday...

Is anyone else excited about tomorrow?

I have the decorations, I just need to put them up.

I still need spider webs.

I wonder how I'm going to put everything up. I guess I could start now >< or not lol

umm.. I don't have my costume ><

I'm waiting for J to come home, but she just left to come here now... so she'll probably be here around 5ish

I did my nails, I think they are cute^^

Kinda tired now... ttyl^^
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15 October 2014 @ 02:43 pm
It's that time again.

I should be doing homework, but I'm not.

Someone please help me get through this^^

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26 September 2014 @ 12:37 am
Okay. I didn't get my scholarship this year for school so I have to pay out of pocket. Fine!

This is how it begins. We get a parking space that is pay for every half hour. So I get an hour just to be on the safe side... thank goodness I do. We get to the cashier office and there is only one person before me standing at a window that says "Next window please" and there are four windows. There is one person behind the counter to the right of the place but that is for a different section of the place. I think like information. Then there are about four people behind the cashier windows at their cubicles that are walking around, and looking at their computers. Okay. Fine. So it's been about 6 minutes now, and no one has came over to talk to us. So I ask the guy how long he has been here, has anyone helped him, or has anyone talked to him. He said not much longer than us, and no. So basically he has been standing at a closed window waiting for someone to talk to him, but no one has, they have just been staring at us. So J goes talk to the girl over at the information desk asking why no one has helped us, and where is the person. With so many people there why haven't they said, why are you guys waiting in line for? or the person in charge is gone to the wc or something and will with be with you shortly. Seriously! If I was at work and someone walked in even if it wasn't for me I would be in trouble if I said I didn't greet that person. Then the lady at information desk asked the ladies at the cubicles where the cashier was, and they start looking over at us and giving us  the eye. I was like oh hell no. You should have better manners then to leave a whole line of people waiting for a cashier that isn't there. There are now five of us waiting then one person left. Five people within 10minutes came, and no one greeted us or tried to help us. Then one lady was like why are you here to the guy, and to move to the window that didn't have a close sign. Then the guy finally came to help us.

First: Why did the guy walk up to a close window instead of staying in line to be called on. It looked like he was being helped but he wasn't. No one talked to him.

~Side Story~ While I was asking him the first questions, me and J were like oh no they didn't, and they should be helping us or greeted, he was like umm i don't know you two, don't involve me in this. The guy behind us was like you guys are right. This is crazy.

Second: When you have a line of people and no one helping shouldn't the people seeing this try to help us or locate the person who can.

Third: Why is there only one cashier? Why have your hours only from 8-5 on weekdays and then no one to help.

Fourth: It was FASFA office and they have two in separate buildings. They should both have the same information but they don't. (different complaint for a different reason)

So that was that! Those people. I would be in trouble at my job or J would have been at hers, but they get to just look at us like we're the crazy ones.

Then after that we got a drink on campus. Saw some guy selling posters, we got some things. Then a free raffle from amazon student where you can win a gift card (we didn't win) and then play a game to win a free item. Jen got a tshirt, I got a notebook, we switched^^

Then we went into the bookstore to get what I needed (don't ask)! lol then when we got back to the car we had 5 minutes left. Thank goodness for an hour. Half an hour was spent at the FASFA office. lol

Well that's it for now. I think.

Um... we went to Starbucks, Baskin Robins, Halloween Express (got black out tooth), Spirit Halloween (got my spider keychain on sale for $1.50^ from $4), McDs for drinks (coffee), home, cleaned up, made Meatloaf with mashpotatoes (any jealous? or jelly? lol) then had some of J's birthday cupcake, now we're watching Criminals Minds on Netflix.

J calls this her birthday day the same as last Thursday. She had fun, but she's trying to extend her birthday to last longer than a week to the end of September or to her til September 31st. ^_^

kk. have a good night/good morning guys.
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10 July 2014 @ 03:57 pm
so i wanted to write an entry but ... don't feel like it anymore....

what happened was....

i was all hyped to write so i logged in and started reading from the friends feed then i was like eh i don't wanna write anything now lol


i'm tired and hungry^^

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13 May 2014 @ 01:07 am
~"We've got a bad one."
-"How bad?"

hahaha ... I like how that explains how bad it is. of course it would be Florida.
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