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08 December 2015 @ 04:15 pm
Old Memory  
So this was awhile ago, maybe last year, or two years ago.

I went to my car, which is in the outside parking garage, and it wouldn't start. So we checked it and it was the battery.

so we (mom & me) called AAA, and i think they came that night... it was getting dark out...

so right before the guy comes, my mom comes to me and says:

Mom: Hey, the guy is almost here. To make it easier for him, why don't you move your car into the driveway.

Me: (i laugh and say) Mom, if I could I would, but my car isn't working, that's why we called him.

Then she laughs and says that's right. ^^

i just remembered this story, and I wasn't sure if I posted this yet... it's a funny story^^
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