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10 June 2017 @ 12:23 pm
What?! How long has it been since I have logged in and posted?!!??!? lol

Well, here I am^^

Today is free tumbler day (June 10th) at McAlister's to the first 20 people in line.

M & J were 1st and 2nd in line^^

Got there at 9^^

We got Chick Fil A cow calendar food which was an Egg White Grill and then bought a drink.

Then waited in line for a hour and a half for a free tumbler^^

Which would have costed $10 with tax so wOOt!

M got a salad

J got a salad and wrap

It was really good^^

The we got gas and went back home

J has to work at 2:30 today which is weird.

Now we are resting because we got up way to early for the tumblers.

M has been looking to buy a tumbler for awhile now for work and then this event happened so win win^^

we're gonna continue resting... have a good day everyone^^
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23 December 2016 @ 02:07 pm
Hey^^ This journal is in japanese format...

No idea how it got like that and no idea how to change it back^^

I was driving home late one night or very early in the morning... it all depends on your perspective.

It was like 4am and I was on 484 driving home to get to the water fountatin to pull into The Oaks

When I was turning left... my first thought was to go into the other lane...

but me and J were talking about how staying in your lane when you make a left turn then changing lanes

so i was like okay, let me stay in my lane when turning then change later but

that was a bad idea...

i almost got into an accident

There was a car coming right at me.

I was like a deer caught in headlights

I had to swerve to the other lane or I would have hit them

lucky parts...

1) I was turning and going slow
2) I didn't accelerate
3) The other car was going slow
4) I wanted to change lanes, so it was easier to do so when I had to

I made a pic like always^^

The blue oval is me.
The red oval is the other car.
Does the picture make sense?

So I got home. Still had a rush of adrenaline, so it took awhile before I was tired

Well, glad nothing happened.

I love my car

He saves my life so many times^^

Well that's it for now...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year^^ ♥
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03 November 2016 @ 12:51 am
I voted.

I went in... the lady asked for my ID.

I gave it to her and then she says:

"to sign my name like it is on the ID"

so i look at my ID and i'm like...

do I still sign my name like that?

now i'm like oh no.. if i don't sign how it looks will they know

will they think i'm not me..

so before I know i'm doing, i'm trying to copy my signature from the ID like i dunno how to sign my name

lol stress ><
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21 October 2016 @ 04:10 pm
It's Mom birthday today^^

I went to walmart and the dollar tree to get her some things...

Listen, if you want to get someone a helium balloon you have to go to the dollar tree...
they are all a $1 and last for a week or more... don't waste money on other balloons

I hope she likes what J and I got her^^

J couldn't make it today, so she came on Tuesday to surprise Mom and we (more j) got her a cake from Publix

Her favorite cakes are from Publix... I don't think she has a favorite favorite, but it has to be from Publix

We got her her favorite perfume.... yes, that she does have a favorite of...

Then J got her a card... I made mine.

We got some sticker decals for her cabinets but I gotta get more they didn't cover it all ... oh well...

then made some flowers and printed out a couple of photos

I think we didn't pretty good...

oooh the reason I was writing this is cuz of this story:

I was like ooh i'll call mom and leave a message on her voicemail
she's not home yet so it'll be funny... well at least to me
so i start calling the house phone
(remind you i'm in the house)
and it starts ringing... and i'm like wow that rang fast
and then not even 2 seconds later i start thinking why isn't she picking up
lol duh i'm leaving a message, i know she's not home
that was the whole point of calling and leaving a message in the first place

Seriously... sometimes i wonder about myself lol~

that is all... take care and until next time folks^^
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11 October 2016 @ 01:49 pm
Just caught my mom washing a chicken in the sink...

i know there were still dishes in there too...

now i have to make sure to disinfect those dishes and sink before she "cleans" them
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02 June 2016 @ 03:25 pm
Where to begin? Ah! I just really need to get this off my chest !

So mycokerewards.com took away my points because they expired.

They took my points on the 28th, but their records showed it expired on the 29th.

The points were suppose to be taken at 12:59pm, but my points where taken on 12:40pm.

I received an email on the 27th stating that I had 3 days to put a code in, but as you read they took it the 28th.

They said the 27th counted as a day, but then why was it taken on the 28th?

Why is my documentation different from theirs?

I had to write two emails, and in the second one they said to talk to a chat person. William and Lisa

Then the chat person said to call.

Then I talked to Amanda, and then a supervisor Doug.

Why do they treat me like I'm crazy?

Doug was like from now on check your expiration dates yourself and don't rely on the emails.

I was like I know that, but what are you going to do about my points.

( [for the people reading this]) Well if you didn't know, they can only put back your points on your account one per account, per lifetime.

So, I won't be getting a second chance to do this.

Which is fine if I really did miss it, but my documentation says I had until May 30th and I put a code in May 30th

Then he was like sorry... but there was nothing he could no.

You made me jump through hoops... you're not going to report that the system is faulty and this could and can happen again.

Then to say would you feel better if I added 100 pts to your account.

No, it would not. Why do you sound like you are doing me a favor. You need to fix your mistakes so it doesn't happen again.

Why is that so hard to understand.

Talked to N about it... This is what I wrote:

I talked to a girl named Amanda... I was like I want a supervisor but she was like let me look at your account... so I was like fine, doesn't matter, imma talk to a supervisor anyways

then was like, what we did was all we could do

then I talked to Doug, a supervisor

he put me on hold for a long time... 2-5mins w/o anyone saying anything

then he goes to say, are you logged into your account, i'll show you where you can see when your pts expire and you can keep track of it yourself

he was like don't rely on the emails

then it's like i had to write two emails, talk to someone, and then said to call you guys and i want to know why?

why is my documentation different from yours and he was like just check your points yourself in the future

for the future you should do this

and i was like what about now

and he was like we put the pts back and that was your once a lifetime deal

then i was like what are you going to do about this mess? the documentation isn't adding up

and he keeps talking about the future

then he said my pts expired may 29th at 12:40pm

but they shld have expired 12:59pm i said

why is there a 19min difference

then he was like in the futrue

then after a long time... he was would you like me to put 100pts on your account

would that make you feel better?

no! what an ahole!

i was like fix your problem and he's like in the future check it yourself

I don't know how to use the lj features to turn off that blue... I had to copy paste my earlier writing just to get it back.

So yes! my coke rewards people suck!

they aren't even considering fixing their problem

fine, i used it, but what if someone else has to go thru this

it can't be the first time... fix your emails

don't take away my pts before time is up

speak to me like you care, and i might feel better instead of saying what you did

so people... if anyone does read this... what's something that happen to you that is similar to my story, i would like to hear about it^^
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08 December 2015 @ 04:15 pm
So this was awhile ago, maybe last year, or two years ago.

I went to my car, which is in the outside parking garage, and it wouldn't start. So we checked it and it was the battery.

so we (mom & me) called AAA, and i think they came that night... it was getting dark out...

so right before the guy comes, my mom comes to me and says:

Mom: Hey, the guy is almost here. To make it easier for him, why don't you move your car into the driveway.

Me: (i laugh and say) Mom, if I could I would, but my car isn't working, that's why we called him.

Then she laughs and says that's right. ^^

i just remembered this story, and I wasn't sure if I posted this yet... it's a funny story^^
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04 December 2015 @ 05:03 pm
My mom is funny^^

She says: This hotel is hiring by the interstate.

Me: Which one?

Mom: the one in the corner

Me: this exit?

Mom: no, on 200.. the corner one

So for those of ya'll who live where I live, you know how many hotels are by the corner right? 4. There are 4.

So she starts getting that i-can't-believe-you-don't-know-which-one face.

How am I suppose to know? lol

too funny^^
31 August 2015 @ 07:04 pm
"The today that I wasted, is the tomorrow that the one who died yesterday desidred."
    - Headmaster (The Wind Breaker chp. 7)
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26 June 2015 @ 02:01 pm
it's 88 degress in the house and I think it's only going to get higher ><

i've been drinking ice cold water^^

today i feel hot...

ooh and i'm also tired ><
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